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Transport planning & traffic engineering

UF Role

We look wider than conventional transport planning and traffic engineering – to us it’s about getting things moving, whether by foot, cycle, bus, car or rail.  


Bridging the gap between engineering and vision, we bring a Big Picture view in supporting and leading masterplanning, placemaking, development and cycle schemes – to name just a few.  


Have a look around to see the type and range of our work we do, or call us to discuss how we may help you.

  • We give what's needed to meet client needs:

  • we don’t over-analyse or over engineer

  • if a high-level approach is all that’s needed – we say so

  • if a more detailed analytical approach is needed – we do that too  

  • We say it the way we see it!

Transport Planning & support for:

Spatial Planning


Development Planning

Transport Assessments

Travel Plans

Strategy development

Movement Planning

Street design


Traffic engineering

Traffic management

Parking & Servicing

Walking & Cycling

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