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Urban Flow provide transport planning and traffic engineering consultancy services to public and private sector clients from research to scheme implementation


We blend conventional transport planning and traffic engineering expertise with a strategic appreciation of wider aims; placemaking, masterplanning, regeneration, and sustainability.


As Transport Planners, we provide the link between engineers and  spatial planners/designers.  We understand their driving aims and objectives, helping to deliver the vision, and then provide the needed technical support to enable it.


We enjoy collaborative multidisciplinary team working with planners, designers, architects, land developers, and public authorities to develop imaginative and deliverable schemes, strategies and solutions.


All of our team have great experience across the board, and support creative thinking with a robust and proven technical understanding.  We are very proud of our client base in the public and private sectors and are always looking to work in with new clients and different places.


We're good to work with and go about our work with a smile on our faces - so whether its Transport Assessment, masterplan, funding bid preparation, Travel Plan, cycle scheme design - give us a call, we'll be very happy to talk it through.

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