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Little Grosvenor Street Public Realm - Grosvenor Estates


Deptford Parking Plan - Lewisham Council


Movement, Urbanism, and Energy, Academic Study Tour - Asplan Viak


Westover Road Masterplan - Bournemouth


Catford and Deptford, Scheme Road Safety Audits - LB Lewisham


Sidcup High Street Vision and Concept Planning - LB Bexley


Hounslow Town Centre Access and Movement Planning - LB Hounslow


Wembley Masterplan Parking Strategy - LB Brent


Mountbarrow House Transport Assessment - Grosvenor Estates


Watford Town Centre  Access and Movement Planning  - Watford BC  


Mayfair & Belgravia Public Realm - Grosvenor Estates


Road Safety Audit - Verulam Golf Course, St Alban's - Beechwood Homes


Deptford Town Centre Public Realm and Movement Design - LB Lewisham


Project 2012

Watford Town Centre Major Public Realm Scheme Enabling -  Watford Borough Council


Urban Flow provided all the traffic management and related design advice for this £3m public realm enhancement scheme.


The Parade is an important area for the town, being home to retail, business and leisure activity. In re-designing the public realm, specialist access and movement advice was needed to keep the Parade moving efficiently and safely, with the ambition to improve access and circulation for all users.

This also included local cyclists and how we may best provide for the continuing shared use of the Parade.

A detailed suite of design reports was prepared for all modes and functions to provide comprehensive scheme inputs for the public realm designers.


- Development Planning

Wembley Masterplan, Transport Capacity Assessment - London Borough of Brent


John project managed a review and assessment of the effectiveness of planned transport interventions for delivery for this very substantial masterplan. He led a comprehensive

‘ground-up’ assessment of multi-modal movement throughout the masterplan period and assigned these movements to the transport network across all modes.


As a result of that work the team then undertook a review of the contribution likely to be made through a focus on

three specific interventions; road and junction-based, bus improvements, and Smarter Travel.


- Transport Assessment


Mayfair and Belgravia Public Realm - Grosvenor Estate Masterplan


Urban Flow has provided a wide-range of transport advice on several development schemes and public realm-led masterplans for landowner Grosvenor.  Studies undertaken included investigating the feasibility of traffic management changes giving more priority to pedestrians / cyclists, rationalising parking, and reducing street clutter.  Particular attention was given to parking provision changes which entailed extensive negotiation with Westminster City Council officers.


The comprehensive analysis of each of the development proposals had a focus on ensuring each of the schemes was feasible, deliverable and viable.  The detailed design of three multi-million pound schemes has been completed with two of the schemes successfully built.

- Masterplanning

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