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Project Angel Council Civic Centre Transport Assessment - Northampton


Activating the Streets Event - Ealing, London


Harwich Wayfinding Strategy - Essex


Town Centre Placemaking scheme development - Bedfordshire


Chuley Road Masterplan and Parking Review, Ashburton - Dartmoor, Devon


Parking Review - Aylsham, Norfolk


Masterplan design support, Belarus  


Winchester Station Masterplan - Winchester District Council, Hampshire


Catford Cycle and Pedestrian Access review - LB Lewisham, London


Neasden, Church End Mixed Use Development Transport Assessment - LB Brent, London


Sudbury Station Access & Public Realm - WestTrans (W. Lon. boroughs)


Whitechapel Masterplan - LB Tower Hamlets, London


Mandeville Road Corridor - Ealing, London


Deptford High Street Restricted Parking Zone - Lewisham, London


Hounslow Town Centre Masterplan Review - LB Hounslow, London


Watford TROs (Parking) - Design, Drafting and Consultation, Hertfordshire

Projects 2013

Project Angel, County Council Civic Centre – Northampton


Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) are consolidating their office locations into a single new office in Northampton Town Centre, rationalising current disparate movements associated with 12 separate sites.  The new £43m single site office will accommodate 2,000 members of staff of which only 1,400 will ever be in the office at any one time.


Urban Flow’s Transport Assessment & Travel Plan development had to accommodate this along with a substantial on-site parking reduction.  Planning permission has been granted and the site is expected to be completed and occupied by the end of 2016.


- Development Planning

Project Angel photo

Winchester Station Area Masterplan – Winchester City Council, Hampshire


Urban Flow provided transport and parking advice to assist in the development of a comprehensive masterplan for the Station Approach area intended to present a better connected and more cohesive townscape.  


Specific advice was provided in preparing various development options relating to; movement generation estimation, and required parking capacity, location and type.  The work resulted in a concept masterplan for the study area setting out proposals for the location and inter-relationships between uses, and the overall scale of development provision.


- Masterplanning


Harwich and Dovercourt Wayfinding and Signing Strategy - Essex


Urban Flow developed a wayfinding strategy and provided signing advice on improving the legibility of Dovercourt and Harwich to help encourage more visitors, particularly from the International Port to visit the area.  


The emphasis was on low cost interventions that could be implemented with minimal risk to help promote this area as a place to visit.  


- Wayfinding and Signing

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