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Getting the job done!

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your hard work in putting this important document together, I’m really pleased with how it turned out especially in the circumstances.  Thanks for dropping everything and getting it done, it is very, very much appreciated"   Funding bid - W. London


“Senior Members and Officers were impressed with the detail of submission and the project yet again meeting another challenging timescale within the key milestone programme.”    


“Board Members were also extremely grateful for your individual contribution within the wider team. Your professionalism and dedication to ensure a successful submission was fully recognised”   Transport Assessment and Travel Plan submission - University S.E.



"This is great - thanks so much.  I totally follow [the approach] and that looks like an excellent use of the information we have and a clever and very rational approach"    Leisure development SE. London


Targeting effort

"I have worked closely with Urban Flow to deliver a number of complex and difficult schemes.  Urban Flow were able to establish the key requirements for each area highlighting the specific needs of businesses, car users and the general public"    

Street design, traffic management, cycling, parking and access and movement project SE. London



What our clients think of us...

Getting the detail right first time

"Their approach is through careful step by step dissection of the existing operations, traffic orders, parking needs and traffic management, detailed surveys and collation of data that they will present to you in an easy to understand format"    


"I would not hesitate to recommend their services"

Street design, traffic management, cycling, parking and access and movement project SE London


Presentation matters

"It’s a great piece of work, the visuals/graphics are very impressive, look fantastic and make the report really enjoyable to read"

Corridor improvement project - W. London


Realism and deliverability

“The Travel Plan is excellent with targets based on realistic improvements to existing travel patterns with frequent monitoring and a good programme of measures”

Transport Assessment and Travel Plan submission - University S.E.


Managing projects - and people

"Careful attention to obtain the finer details was carried out through well managed consultation with the public and in-house parties that resulted in delivery of each phase of the projects to prevent encountering, or delivering any surprises"


Positive Community Engagement

"Many thanks for your input and excellent organisation of the consultation event on Saturday – I thought it went really well and we got some very positive feedback on the designs"   Town centre / Corridor enhancement scheme NW London

We take great pride in our work, and are delighted that our commitment is appreciated so warmly - here are some comments from current clients: