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John Emslie  From development planning and traffic management, to behaviourally-based movement planning, John has fully embraced transport’s new and widened scope, from past capacity-driven quick fixes, to today's real world ‘big picture’ planning for people and communities.


His technical grounding in the public sector authority and then consultancy has been invaluable in developing forward-looking movement schemes, initiatives, and research such as national traffic management and public realm enabling design guidance.  


Working in the Urban Flow way was always John's ambition - wanting to do things better and differently, working fully collaboratively and more creatively with clients and partners.

Simon Adams 

Director -

Spatial Planning

Urban Flow is really fortunate to be able to offer a highly skilled, motivated, and trusted team of Consultants that we know really well having worked side for many years.  Between us, we've got movement planning and engineering covered!

Lorna leads our Streets and Places work and fully demonstrates the ethos of delivering Urban Flow’s work in a creative yet straightforward and legible way.  


She is expert in sensitive street design, multi-modal analysis, street auditing, pedestrian and cyclist behaviour, station access, and survey design, leading substantial projects including: station access, corridor and neighbourhood schemes, traffic management and freight studies.

Paul has extensive experience in the design, analysis and implementation of highway, traffic management and other transportation projects.  


His expertise covers traffic management, bus priority, traffic impact studies, traffic calming, safety audit, road safety projects and traffic signal design.  Projects range from safety-led to major highway improvements and major, public transport, infrastructure schemes.

Matthews pic Urban Flow's Director Streets and Places Lorna Sewell

Paul Matthews

Road Safety Engineering

Lorna Sewell

Director -

Streets & Places


Julie As a transport planner and civil engineer Julie has experience in a wide range of disciplines including land surveying, masterplanning, transport and infrastructure planning and civil engineering design. Her degrees in planning and engineering has provided Julie strong knowledge of key process and theories as well as design skills in transport planning.


At Urban Flow she has applied these to a range of corridor masterplanning, transport assessment and planning/design projects, on projects for university campuses, town centres and development proposals.

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Julie Guilhem

Senior Transport Consultant

Simon Adams Urban Flow Director Masterplanning and Development Planning Photo Julie BW

John Emslie  Senior  Director

Simon combines advanced assessment skills with a creative and flexible outlook to design.  


He manages Urban Flow's Spatial Planning projects including transport planning, strategy development, development and masterplanning support, strategic and local modelling, concept and feasibility design. Alongside his spatial planning expertise, Simon has spent many years helping to develop high profile traffic management and public realm schemes.

The Team

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