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Active Travel Heaven?

So, Amsterdam city break last year, Copenhagen this...and have I found active travel heaven?

Sadly, not quite.

Too many pluses to mention all of them, though seeing cycles used for medium length and purposeful journeys is heavenly and of course the 'normalisation' meaning few fancy bikes or gear are seen with most just left unlocked at their destination. Cyclists appear to enjoy comparable priority to motorists. Gotta love all of that that.

But again, pedestrians generally seem to get short-changed, just as with Amsterdam. With increased speed and momentum comes assumed priority over the road space, just as cyclists are similarly relegated by motorists. With a pedestrian in sight there's little/no slowing or strategic avoidance in evidence even given the additional space available to do so, certainly compared to Amsterdam or London and most UK urban centres.

I am naturally super-impressed by what I saw albeit again, falling-short of my hoped for mature movement culture of all-mode respect between users. Perhaps it's just the way we're made, I've got the speed and I'm gonna use it.


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