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TfL's 'Superloop'

Great to see the Superloop branding and marketing in action.

I'm currently waiting at a superloop bus stop in Ealing. I'm catching the SL8 to Uxbridge for a site visit. It is going to take me 40 mins to get to Uxbridge. According to Google journey planner I could get there in 21 minutes by car.

I'm very interested to see what TfL has in store to improve bus reliability and priority (amongst other things) so that the planned Superloop routes become a tangible alternative to the private car in outer London.

In my view, it requires a longer term strategic vision and some bigger / bolder interventions, alongside short term deliverable schemes if we are really serious about improving bus travel.

*The Superloop is a proposed network of 10 express bus routes. The project is aimed at improving connections and journey times between key outer London town centres and transport hubs.

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